Afm Agreements

Assigning the right EMSD agreement on broadcast content can be a precarious undertaking. Business models and consumption methods for broadcast music performances are constantly evolving. The association`s streaming agreements are constantly evolving to meet the industry. Here you will find our four main streaming agreements and a brief overview of their terms and conditions of sale. Under the advertising streaming agreement, the signatory can film up to 30 minutes and broadcast up to three minutes of a performance on social media streaming platforms to promote the same signatory`s live union commitments. The required payment is 10% of the benefit salaries required by the Local Single Engagement Contract for the live event, in addition to a pension contribution of 12%. This Agreement shall not apply to symphony orchestras, opera, ballet or chamber orchestras with collective agreements or producers of theatrical performances. This section contains basic guidelines to which the AFM Agreement applies and links to most of the current national agreements. Usage Media Agreements: Here is a table that shows the corresponding contractual agreement for electronic media in order to obtain the rights of the musicians in your orchestra. The 1000 local work contributions for admission contracts are calculated at 3.5% of the scale salary for all musicians on the recording.

Please also contact me if you have any questions regarding any of the above agreements or information. Note: The above-mentioned agreements are only summaries of the respective collective agreements. For the actual agreements, please contact the American Federation of Musicians Electronic Media Services Division. The AFM agreements are collective agreements negotiated by the American Federation of Musicians and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Any agreement is negotiated for a fixed period, but may be renewed at the end of that term. . The B-9 report form covers commercial album publications that do not intend to print enough to qualify for special payments (10,000 units). The use of this form requires a special agreement between the manufacturer and local 802. If limited pressure exceeds the special payment threshold, an upgrade to the sound recording scale and the submission of a B-4 declaration form would be required.

. AFM B-4 Report Form – Phonograph Records, Soundtrack Releases and Video Promos B-4 Form B-4 Suite These terms apply to salaries and performances for live and studio performances recorded for transmission to NPR. Summary of Salary Scale Local 802 has reached an agreement with several theaters on Long Island. These theaters include: AFM B-5 Report Form – Demonstration Recording, Audio OnlyDemo Contract B-5 Form B-5 Continuation These scales cover salaries, performances, and conditions for setting motion pictures and TV movies to music, including low budget prices for both. In addition, under both contracts, there are sidelining ladders (musicians hired to imitate the representation of instruments in front of the camera). . . .