Ca Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement

LGMA members produce about 90% of the green greens grown in the United States. The California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement (LGMA) was created to protect public health by reducing potential sources of contamination in green leaves grown in California. Membership in the LGMA requires verification of compliance with food safety practices recognized by mandatory public audits. Community Guidelines This site is an extension of CA LGMA and green agriculture dedicated to growing safe food. We salute all those who want to learn and share about green food security, and we want it to be an open dialogue, but we will remove messages that: – inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate statements about us, our products and our employees – offensive, defamatory, offensive and hateful language, illegal information, etc., trolling or deliberately disruptive discussions – Advertising/Spam – Malicious content created by California farmers after a 2007 e. The coli epidemic, the LGMA aims to ensure the safety of green leaves and confidence in U.S. food security programs. A sister program in Arizona is almost identical. In 2007, following a tragic epidemic of e. with more than 200 people sick, California farmers have made an unprecedented commitment to protecting public health through the creation of the California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement (LGMA).

The objective of the programme is to ensure the safety of green leaves and confidence in our food security programmes. “The California LGMA fully supports this joint effort led by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. LGMA members are committed to a safe leaf green and look forward to any discoveries that will help make our crops safer for consumers. We welcome the broad participation of industry, science and regulators. All of these stakeholders bring different strengths to the project and have a common goal of improving food security for salads and leaves.¬†LGMA members are companies that ship and sell lettuce, spinach and other green products in California. The California LGMA has a sister program in Arizona that is almost identical. In collaboration with hundreds of farmers in California and Arizona, LGMA members produce about 90% of the Greens grown in the United States, representing more than 50 billion servings of leaf green per year… York has received numerous awards, including the Achievement Foodservice Packer and Producer of the Year Award, the Perishable Pundit`s Single Step Award and the Bryan Silbermann Collaboration Award from the Producer Marketing Association.

In 2009, he was awarded the gold mark of the LGMA. In 2019, York also represented the buying community in the Romaine Task Force, which worked on the steering committee, as well as chairing the traceability subcommittee. Blueprint relies on the FSMA using the highly advanced AMS Specialty Crops Inspection Division (SCI), which oversees raw material-specific audits conducted to meet the requirements of the California Leafy Green Marketing Agreement. These voluntary and independent audits by production suppliers are carried out throughout the production and supply chain.