Concession Agreement Turkce

Public services such as water supply can be operated in concessions. In the case of a public service concession, a private company enters into an agreement with the government on the exclusive right to invest, maintain and carry out activities in a public utility (for example. B a privatization of water) for a number of years. Other forms of contracts between public and private bodies, namely the lease and the management contract (in the water sector, often referred to as farming), are closely linked, but differ from a concession with respect to the operator`s rights and remuneration. A lease gives a company the right to operate and maintain a public service, but investments remain the responsibility of the public. Under a management contract, the operator collects the revenue only on behalf of the government and in turn receives an agreed fee. Muhammad Ali, from Egypt, used contracts called concessions to build cheap infrastructure – dams and railways – that would allow foreign European companies to raise capital, build projects and collect most of the operating revenue, but Ali`s government would provide some of that revenue. [3] For more examples of concessions, see Gibbons v. Ogden and U.S. rail policy. In the United Kingdom, the concession contract threshold is US$4,104,394. Within the European Union, the granting of concessions by public bodies is governed by a regulation. Work concessions have been subject to public procurement rules for some time, as the European Parliament and European Council`s 2004/18/EC Directive on Public Works Concession Contracts is applied and cross-border concessions on services are governed by the principles of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

However, on February 26, 2014, the European Parliament and the European Council have adopted a new 2014/23/EU directive on the awarding of concession contracts[4], which required EU Member States to implement national legislation for the awarding of concession contracts of more than EUR 5,186,000, which was awarded on or after 18 April 2016. In the private sector, the dealer – the dealer – usually pays either a fixed amount or a percentage of the income to the owner of the business from which he operates. [2] Examples of concessions within another company are concession stands in sports facilities and cinemas, as well as concessions in department stores operated by other retailers. Short-term concessions can be granted as advertising space for periods as short as one day. A concession or concession contract is the granting of rights, land or property by a government, a local authority, an entity, a natural person or any other legal person. [1] This government seized the Delagoa Bay Railway, built as part of a concession granted to a U.S. citizen, while anchoring the Charter.