Cooperation Agreement Format

9) Renouncement of contractual rights. The inability of one of the parties to enforce a provision of that agreement should not be regarded as a waiver or restriction on that party`s right to apply and subsequently compel any provision of that agreement. The effective date of this agreement is the last signing date below. Neither party may reproduce, disclose or use the other party`s ownership information except as follows: 1. The protected information provided by Prime may only be used by SUBCONTRACTOR in accordance with its obligations under this agreement with respect to the preparation of the proposal material; 2. The personal data provided by SUBCONTRACTOR for the development of the proposal offer can only be used by Prime to fulfil its obligations under this agreement with respect to the development of the proposal and may be included in the proposal with the prior written agreement of SUBCONTRACTOR; and (3) Protected information may be used expressly in accordance with a written authorization signed by a public official. Unless article V of this Agreement is otherwise stated, and if this Agreement is not renewed by a reciprocal written agreement between the parties, that agreement is automatically terminated at one of the following events, depending on what happens in the first place: Article V. Protected and Confidential Information, so that you are preparing to enter into a trade agreement. Before you establish a detailed contract, you can use a cooperation agreement to draw the terms of your interim agreement.

It can help you settle for the most important points to include in the treaty so that you can get closer to the final agreement. 1.4 This is voluntary cooperation between the contracting parties as individual companies and not as a joint venture, joint venture or other legal entity, and each party remains responsible for its own activities and cannot legally engage or engage the other contracting party without further agreement. Prior to receiving this agreement, it was developed independently by the receiving party, or was legitimately known to the receiving party, or received legally from other sources, including the public party or the client, unless that other source received it as a result of a violation of this cooperation agreement or other agreement between the parties. 2.1 The parties must be loyal to the other party and seek healthy cooperation. 6) Advertising and use of property trademarks. Each party receives prior written permission from the other party to use the trade names or trademarks, images or participations of the other party in connection with the project. This applies to all uses in print, the web or other media. After approval, similar uses in the same format and context do not require additional permission.

In the event that this contract expires or expires, each party will immediately cease to use the other party`s trademarks, except as follows: [Exceptions] A cooperation contract is a formal business document that describes the fundamental terms of your agreement with another person, group or unit.