Flat Registration Agreement

We buy a new apartment in Marunji that comes under PMRDA. The purchase agreement is concluded by the owner and us. When should we make sales? Builder has said that no such document will be given by us. The District Chancellor is responsible for the coordination between the developer, the National Informatics Centre and the Sub-Registrar in all procedures (from the initiation of system development tests to the issuance of the No Objection Certificate) to the start of electronic registration of lump sum purchase contracts. Previously, the use of the electronic registration option had to register at least 500 home purchase contracts. Now, due to market conditions and the persistent pandemic, this condition has been removed and the condition is replaced by the following condition: I have already paid stamp duty and registration fees of 2.59,900 in agreement for the sale on the house purchased, but the bank wants to be sold. My lump sum cost is 38.20,000/- market value – 36.16,000, which will be the fee I will have to pay for the execution of sales. The Flat welcomes you to Grampanchayat. It is worth noting here that, if you do not mention, government records are mentioned as the owner of a particular property, proof of ownership may not be possible. For this reason, real estate registration is a must for the buyer.

The development of a mobile application is underway to allow the buyer to execute the agreement via his phone. Details of such an application will be released as soon as it is ready for use. Documents that must be registered must be provided within four months of the date of their execution, accompanied by the necessary tax. Once the time has elapsed, you can apply to deduct the delay in the sub-registry within the next four months and the Registrar can accept the registration of these documents for a fine of up to 10 times the original registration fee. The registration fee for real estate documents is 1% of the value of the property, subject to a maximum of Rs 30,000. I paid my consent to the sale full registration and stamp duty (5%) in August, which was required by the bank for the processing of loans, but my sale deed will be carried out in mid-September and now stamp duty has been reduced to 2%. Can I get my overcharge back? What will be the procedure? The main purpose of the recording is to record the execution of the document. It is only when you register the document that it becomes legal and the property, if it exists, is transferred to the appropriate owner. Simply put, the display of privacy is only filed if no agreement has been entered into between the lender and the loan applicant. This privacy message must be sent within 30 days of purchasing the property.

Hello In Pune Buy resale property. If a sale agreement before December-2020 by paying stamp duty and registering and then making the deposit of the sale in January-2021 , the additional stamp duty would be calculated when selling deed registration in the Jan-2021? The circular makes it clear that the government intends to license as many developers as possible, so that the registration process can begin through the developers themselves.