Ftse Custom Multi Use Data Licence Agreement

The Deutsche Berse indices and the data it contains (the “indexed data”) are the intellectual property (including trademarks) of Deutsche Berse AG, Frankfurt, Germany (“DBAG”) and/or its licensees (the “licensees”). The use of the index data requires a license from the DBAG. DBAGs and licensees do not take explicit or implied guarantees or guarantees about the news, order, accuracy, completeness, news, market accessibility, quality or adequacy to a given purpose of indexed data. In particular, the inclusion or removal of a company in a DBAG index does not reflect an opinion of the DBAG or licensees on the benefits of that company. The DBAG and the licensees do not offer investment advice, taxes or other professional advice by publishing or in connection with the German stock exchange`s indices. 5. Intellectual property. All copyrights, database rights, trademarks, patents, private or advertising rights and other intellectual property rights (including all models, software, data and materials) contained in any or every service or service, as well as any additional extension, modification or service, are the exclusive property of BOAT. The customer will not use the same thing (including copying, reverse engineering or transmission to a person for any purpose) and will not remove or disfigure any brand related to the services; Use Restrictions Without a separate written license agreement with HFR, you are strictly prohibited: INTEX uses specific data, MBS pool information, slice factors, ratings, prices, etc.

(“DATA”) from certain data providers (“PROVIDERS”), when producing software, deal models and updates of deal models, as well as all documentation support, maintenance and maintenance For some reason, INTEX and ISPs are not responsible for (i) errors, omissions, delays or inaccuracies in THE DATA and PRODUITS, (ii) any interruptions to other devices, systems or connection devices or (iii) due to events that are not subject to the proper control of INTEX and SUPPLIERS. INTEX AND EACH SUPPLIER DISCLAIM ANY KNOWLEDGE OF WHICH PURPOSE FOR WHICH CUSTOMERS USE SUPPLIERS` INTEX DATA AND PRODUCTS. THE CUSTOMER EXPRESSLY ACCEPTS THAT THE PRODUCTS CAN ONLY BE USED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES AND THAT THE USE OF THE PRODUCTS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFER, RECOMMENDATION OR INVITATION TO BUY, HOLD OR SELL GUARANTEES. 5.2. You can only use index data extracted from the content for your own internal activities while you access the content. Unless expressly authorized, you cannot copy, distribute or redistribute index data, including through intermediate storage, framing or other similar means, or sell, resell, transmit or otherwise make available to third parties. You cannot store index data for the purpose of creating a historical database or historical data product.