Google Chrome User Agreement

If you are a business user or an organization, then to the extent that applicable law allows it: I know I`m late, but I have to say that Matt played pretty well in this article. He touched on the subject and explained the situation in depth. At the same time, many people posted in these comments have already taken their opinion when it comes to Google. To say what Matt says, they are firmly convinced that Google has a little grudge against them and that it wants to secretly steal their data, save their location and hit puppies. Dave (Original), I know this is something that many users have enjoyed. IE8 independently offers a similar browser mode, so it is obviously a popular request. Matt, Google has other problems open than the TOS-Gaffe (which would never pass the exam of the law if push comes to push). The first two are: 3.6 New facilities. Users are allowed to reinstall unlimited application distributed on the Web Store, provided that if you remove a product from the Web Store in accordance with the terms (i), (ii), (iii) or (iv) of Section 7.1, these products are removed from all parts of the Web Store and users no longer have the right or ability to reinstall the affected products. If you calculate a fee for your product without using the payment processor, you are solely responsible for keeping records of users who have already paid for your products, and Google is not responsible for determining whether users who attempt to reinstall your products have previously paid for such products. To calculate a fee for your products that use the Web Store`s payment services, you must have a valid payment account as part of a separate agreement with a liquidator. If you already have a payment account with a liquidator before you sign up for the Web Store, the terms and conditions of this agreement will be replaced by your payment account terms and conditions for products sold through the Web Store. It will take more than the excision of paragraph 11 to deal with the problems related to the conditions of use.

See 4.4.3 You cannot redirect users or provide links to another website that mimics the Web Store or de-subscribes itself as a Web Store. To avoid any doubt, you can offer products as access points to paid services for which customers have registered and provided payment information. Google may make changes to this agreement from time to time. When these changes are made, Google will provide a new copy of the agreement on the store`s website. Google will also post a notification on the Web Store`s website describing the changes made. The changes will be effective and will be considered accepted by you, (a) immediately for those who will become developers after the notification is published, or (b) for existing developers, the amended agreement will take effect with your acceptance of the amended agreement (with the exception of legal changes that take effect immediately) or 15 days after the notification is published if you continue to use the web store services. 15.1 This agreement represents the entire legal agreement between you and Google and governs your use of the Web Store and completely replaces all previous agreements between you and Google regarding the Web Store. The Google Chrome Web Store development agreement, the program policies of the Google Chrome Web Store and google`s terms of use have priority in this order in the event of a conflict between them in the magnitude of such a conflict.