Internship Agreement Template France

The specifics of performance evaluations during the internship are listed in Article 7. It is recommended that the internship agreement establish regular performance evaluations throughout the internship to ensure that the expectations of the intern and employer are met. In addition, students may sometimes be asked to submit a report at the end of their internship summarizing work experience, specific assignments that have been performed and skills developed during the course. Article 3 and 4: These two sections list the specific tasks and tasks of the internship as well as working conditions. Tasks and tasks should be written in as much detail as possible to avoid confusion about the intern`s and employer`s expectations during the internship. Normally, the employer provides the intern with clear duties, but any remaining ambiguity should be resolved before the agreement is signed. The working conditions will detail the number of hours, the location of the internship and the scholarship. For each internship in France of more than two months, trainees are entitled to a minimum monthly grant of about 435 euros. Some employers may also provide food vouchers, subsidies for public transport or other services.

Be sure to ask if you receive any of these benefits! An agreement is a document requested by the French government for any student interested in an internship in France. It is similar to an employment contract because it defines the missions and expectations required by the trainees. However, the key difference is that it must be signed by an educational institution. The agreement is standardized, which means that the format of the document is the same for all internships. It is important that the document is completed in the most detailed way possible in order to avoid any complications with your internship in France. As your internship contract is signed by your American university in addition to your French employer, it is recommended to abhor the document in both English and French. Finally, and not least, the agreement must be signed by the intern, the host society and the educational institution. This attests that the internship contract has been read and approved by all parties. Once the document is established, trainees can apply for a visa at the French Consulate.

It is strongly recommended that you receive a signed official letter from the university stating that the intern is in fact enrolled and that the internship is integrated into the curriculum. Article 1 and 2: the first part of the internship agreement defines the three signatories. In other words, the contact information of the intern, the school representative and the employer are indicated. It is proposed that the employer`s information be a direct supervisor for an intern, as it will be the person who will follow the progress of the trainee as closely as possible during the internship in France.