Section 22(D) Of The Bluebird Member Agreement

In the letter they sent, Amex referred to section 22.d of their terms and agreement to eliminate the possibility for these cardholders to add money. So what does section 22.d say? It says a lot of things, but I`m going to insert here a greasy part which is certainly the reason why they closed us: before choosing the Bluebird card from American Express, please read! I have been and have been a bluebird cardholder for about six years. The reason I got the card was when Wal-Mart got its cash-back reward program when you uploaded your receipts. Anyway, I recently stayed in a casino hotel and resort and used my card to pay for the room the deposit that was pending etc. Well, it was about $280 in total. I had to get everything back except the $80, because the difference was only put on the back burner. If you`ve stayed in a casino hotel, you know what I`m talking about. I recently noticed that new bluebird accounts can no longer be linked to external verification or external savings. This is the only initial and unique reason why I received one of these cards – it allows me to make cash deposits to free online checking accounts to effectively solve the problem of wireless cash deposits. I am wary of the fact that this happens to everyone, that all old accounts – the loyal of the brand – with linked external accounts and where the money came in and withdrew without spending much, have ended.

And they really don`t need a reason to close our account. Oh not close, I was told, but only rendered useless because I can no longer file. It`s the same thing I`m turned off. Some think it is the pressure of banking regulation through the back door: apologies for your situation. You let me sweat because I also have a bluebird that is not used. The only reason I got it was to use it as a tool to meet the monthly requirements of using debit cards from high-yield savings accounts, without actually spending any money. One of the most common promises of value usually touted by Bluebird and its ile is “No Overdraft.” Damned, if you read the bluebirds membership agreement ( and the search for “No overdraft/credit function” pages, you can try posting them on consumer protection sites or on social media. It`s now 2020 and I got the same email from bluebird and I was wondering if there was a solution for us, I had BlueBird for the last 5+ years and I love it.

I had a few sketched fees that I noticed and called amex, and they immediately corrected things and sent me a new card that I received within a week. The only thing I don`t like is that they order checks. Luckily, I received my last set before introducing the new tax for check orders (to be clear, there`s no fee to write a check just to order the physical checks). . . .