Spitz Layby Agreement

A LAY-BYE agreement is a means of paying for goods over an agreed period, with the service provider keeping the goods until the consumer has paid full price. There is no set amount or percentage for termination fees, but there should be no more than your “reasonable fees” related to the lay-by agreement (for example). B storage and administration fees that apply to the lay-by agreement). What is “reasonable” depends on the circumstances and you should be prepared to justify that your costs are reasonable. 10.7. If you wish to pay us in order of debit and have noted us in the application form, allow us (and mandate your bank) to deduct from your bank account your monthly payments and any other amounts that may be due to us from time to time within the meaning of this Agreement. If your account is late, allow us (and mandate your bank) to also deduct this amount of delay as well as any other amounts that may be due from time to time by you with respect to this agreement, from your bank account by an additional debit order. 15.9. Any undertaking and clause contained in these clauses must be independently enforceable, so that any jurisdiction or other competent jurisdiction can enforce the rest of that agreement if it considers that a company or a part or clause of it is invalid. 11.2. If your account has been delayed for a period that we have set from time to time and you have not made any payments to your account during that period, your account will automatically be classified as “depreciated” and closed on notification.

In this case, we may also choose to terminate this contract. You can terminate the lay-by agreement at any time before receiving the products. 5.1. Your card can be used for credit transactions up to a predetermined amount. You (or, if so, the secondary cardholder) will not exceed this limit. Your initial credit limit is always reflected on your bank statements on your prior agreement and credit limit. 10.11. You must immediately inform us if, during the duration of this Agreement: 14.1.4, provide, disclose and record the existence of this Agreement and all personal data and data related to credit bureaus or third parties (with whom you have financial relations at any time) who share positive or negative information about you or your credit account. , including any breach of this Agreement. 15.6. We can delay the application of our rights under this agreement without losing them. You can only charge a termination fee to the customer if they terminate the contract.

An agreement is considered lay-by when the consumer: 15.7.