Tangerine Mastercard Cardholder Agreement

We are writing to inform you of certain updates we are making to the Tangerine Credit CardHolder Agreement that applies to your Tangerine Credit Card Account (the “Account”) and about a change that applies to the minimum payment on the Account for residents of the Province of Quebec. Please read this information and keep it as a reference. An online copy is available at tangerine.ca/creditcardlegal. Rewards Programs and Other Benefits: This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions applicable to your card(s) and credit card account. We can also offer other benefits with the card, for example. B a bonus program. We will provide you with the first features and terms and conditions of such a program, usually in a separate rewards program brochure, which will be made available to you with the card or in another way we have defined. The latest version of the Rewards terms and conditions is also available on our website. tangerine.ca. Bonus programs may be changed or cancelled by us at any time without notice (unless notification is required by law). As a Tangerine Money Back card owner, you can get 2% cashback in up to three of the expense categories listed below. Note: Many of these options are not conventionally offered by cash back credit cards, which is another reason why the Tangerine Money Back credit card stands out from its competition.

If you or an Authorized User first signs, activates, or uses the Card or Credit Card Account, it means that you and the Authorized Users have signed this Agreement, the associated Disclosure Statement, and any other agreements relating to the Card, such as.B have received and read the Tangerine Money Back Rewards Program Terms and Conditions. Together, all these documents form the agreement between you and us. You agree to abide by all terms and conditions of sale. We may from time to time send changes or replacements to this Agreement, which are also part of your current agreement with us. You agree that we may send the agreement and any changes or replacements to the primary cardholder. We advise you to keep copies of all such work in a secure location with the original agreement and any modifications we may send you. Recent copies are also available on our website in tangerine.ca. It`s a good credit card, but be careful. All refunded amounts weigh on your cash premiums with the effective rate at the time of refund….