Vehicle Rental Agreement Singapore

Tenants will only use the rented vehicle for personal or routine use and will only operate the rental vehicle on properly maintained roads and car parks. The tenant will comply with all applicable laws regarding the maintenance of the licence for the operation of the vehicle and with respect to the operation of motor vehicles. The tenant will not sublet the rental vehicle or use it as a rental car. The tenant does not take the vehicle [LOCATION LIMIT]. 27. Why does the limit for late interest and late charges in Section 7A not apply to my lease with a bank or financial firm? 1. What types of leases are covered by the law? 6.1 Subject to item 6.2, neither party, contractually, responds to an unlawful act (including negligence), a breach of legal obligations or other means arising from or related to this contract for: mileage of the rental vehicle [MILEAGE] at the time of the start of the car rental contract. The vehicle`s mileage is limited as follows: [MILEAGE LIMITATION]. All kilometres without power on the vehicle that exceed this limit are subject to an excessive kilometer surcharge of [DOLLAR AMOUNT] per mile. However, the government has worked closely with industry and associations to provide targeted assistance to help drivers live through these difficult times. Please refer to the FAQ (6) of FAQs for commercial aircraft rental contracts.

This lease agreement is between the host and the customer (a “party” and the “parties” in common) for the rental of the vehicle under the following terms and conditions. No, the law does not apply to private car or taxi rental contracts. 3.4. All payments to be made by one of the parties under this Agreement are made without withholding or compensation for litigation, cross-contest or any other reason. The owner agrees to make a passenger vehicle profitable as follows: 7.2 A party may terminate this contract by cancelling the trip via the platform in accordance with the applicable rules. This contract ends with immediate effect with this termination. A trip cannot be cancelled during the rental period. 2) These conditions include: (a) the increase in fees or interest rates is set in the contract; or b) the increase in fees or interest rates is calculated on the basis of a formula (e.g.B.